MakeX-Introduction of Competition & Arena Kits for 2019 Season V1.0

      Preparation Guide for MakeX 2019 Season

       2019 MakeX Robotics Competition Annual Awards Application Guide V1.0

       Engineering Notebook Example X36002-ACE MACHINA-Blue Planet

       MakeX Robotics Competition Engineering Notebook Guideline

       2019 MakeX Regional Competition Registration Guideline (without registration code)

2019 MakeX Starter

       2019 MakeX Starter – City Guardian Rule Guide V1.1

       2019 MakeX Starter-City Guardian Arena Assembly Instruction

       2019 MakeX Starter Table Construct Instruction

       2019 MakeX Starter – City Guardian Rule Guide V1.0

2019 MakeX Challenge

       2019 MakeX Challenge-Courageous Traveler Rule Guide V1.1 

       2019 MakeX Challenge Kits Instructions (Tools and Parts) 

       2019 MakeX Challenge Kits Instructions (Electronics) 

       2019 MakeX Challenge Kits Instructions (Assembling) 

       2019 MakeX Challenge-Courageous Traveler Arena Assembly Instructions

       2019 MakeX Challenge-Courageous Traveler Practice Arena Assembly Instructions

       2019 MakeX Challenge – Courageous Traveler Rule Guide V1.0

2018 Season

       2018 MakeX Starter – Blue Planet Guide V1.3

       2018 MakeX World Championship Announcement of Tasks

       2018 MakeX World Championship Program Brochure