This is 2019 MakeX Robotics Competition!
2019 MakeX Starter City Guardian Animation
2019 MakeX Challenge Courageous Traveler Animation
2018 MakeX World Championship Recap

【MakeX Mentor】MakeX Expands the Minds of Mentors, Family and Children

MakeX offers opportunity to expand the minds of mentors, family and children, to visualize the future that is approaching us and be prepared for it. We learned from the competition that we can dream higher and further, and we are capable of doing everything we set out to do. It’s good to know we are competitive and ready for the next challenges”.

【MakeX Mentor】 The Best Part of MakeX is the Strong Sense of Involvement

“MakeX is a systematic robotics competition focusing on nurturing creativity and collaboration skills, which, compared with other robotics competition, provides more diversified programs to play. For many students and myself included, MakeX managed to build a strong sense of involvement in the competition process and that’s the best part of the brand culture.”