2018 MakeX Robotics Competition

The 2018 MakeX Robotics Competition consists of Points Races, Regional Competition, Overseas Competition and World Championship.Teams need to compete and earn corresponding annual points in the former 3 competitiom to get qualification for the World Championship.

2018 MakeX Robotics Competition consists of three theme events:


MakeX – Starter

Keywords:Easy event access, Multiple task combination, All-automatic competition

MakeX Starter (MX-S) is a robot competition launched by MakeX for primary and junior school students, and has the lowest requirements for access. The theme of 2018 season is Blue Planet, and the event focuses on examining teenagers’ ability to use sensors and program, so that the robot could run accurately and autonomously and finish tasks by itself. The unique alliance competition system can also reveal inter-team strategic cooperative ability.


MakeX – Challenge

Keywords:Competition for primary school students, Grasping and stacking, Accuracy and stability

MakeX Challenge (MX-C) is a robot competition event launched by MakeX for primary school students, and the theme of 2018 is “Interstellar Exploration”: it simulates the scene which supplements the energy during the interplanetary navigation. In the competition, both sides’ robots grab the block which represents the energy, and then pile up the energy blocks and erect the energy bottles in the designated area to gain the energy points. The more and higher the energy block piled up is, the more the energy gained is, and the side that finally gains the higher energy points wins the competition.


MakeX – Premier

Keywords:Event for junior high school students, High-level technology application, Competitive opposition

MakeX Premier (MX-P) is a robot competition event launched by MakeX for junior high school students, and the theme of 2018 is “Siege and Guard”: contestants use a robot to simulate a scene where soldiers are trained in battle. Both sides’ robots lift the ball bottles on the ground, which represent soldiers, to a certain height to rise in rank, to get higher points; the robots can also grab ammunition from the ground to knock down the other side’s robot to lower its pints. Finally, the side that gets higher points wins victory. The event is held under multiple strategies, able to meet junior high school students’ diverse demands for robot design and technology.